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Black Pearl Narrowboats - Products
All Black Pearl narrowboats are hydro-dynamically designed, manufactured utilising latest technology equipment, yet with a unique character, to the correct specification by a dedicated team of craftsmen with over 240 years of manufacturing experience between them.

Black Pearl canal boats fully comply with the recreational craft directive, as specified by the Canal Boatbuilders Association (CBA). Below you will find details of the materials that going into the manufacture of your boat:

STEEL PLATE (S275JR) Fully Certified
Black Pearl Narrowboats construct your boat using fully certified S275JR steel plate, ensuring long life and durability. The bottom of the hull is made from 10mm, 12mm, or 15mm steel plate and can be specified if required at additional cost. The hull sides are made from 6mm steel, cabin sides from 5mm steel and the roof from 4mm, in all cases continuously welded for maximum durability and rigidity.

Floor bearers 100mm x 75mm x 8mm RSA positioned at 640mm intervals to accommodate 600mm square concrete slabs as ballast. Knees 60mm x 60mm x 8mm, also positioned at 640mm intervals.

Note: The above sections are heavier in our boats and positioned at more regular intervals to add strength to the hull and make it less vulnerable to accidental impact damage. This also improves the residual value of your boat and your investment.

Black Pearl Narrowboats also include:

  • Roof Rails: 25mm x 25mm x 2.5RHS, positioned at 300mm intervals
  • Diesel tank pressure tested to 5psi, with test certificate
  • Keel cooling tank pressure tested to 5psi, with test certificate
  • Inegral water tank painted with non toxic solvent free paint (blue)
  • Window/porthole apertures only to suit customers layout
  • Waste outlets apertures to suit customers layout
  • Bow doors with window and vent apertures, folded from 3mm plate, to take timber inserts
  • Stern doors folded from 3mm plate, to take timber inserts
  • Stern sliding hatch folded from 2mm plate with life buoy retainer brackets
  • Stern rail (with built-in controller panel)
  • 50mm rubbing strakes (continuously welded top and bottom)
  • Rudder (with balance plate and swan neck)
  • Fender eyes (bow and stern)
  • Single handling ring (to centre of roof)
  • Steel cants (front and back)
  • Plank and pole rest (to accommodate 2 poles and 1, 200mm wide plank)
  • Front rope stud and 2 rear rope dollies
  • Quick release weed hatch
  • Self draining decks
  • Integral handrails
  • engine beds
  • Gas locker

Black Pearl Narrowboats apply two coats of primer and two coats of black bitumen to the outside of the hull, up to the underside of the top rubbing strake. All shells have a unique identity plate welded to the hull with the year of manufacture and serial number of the boat.

Click here for steel shell optional extras

Ballast (paving slabs on felt membrane_
Flooring (18mm ply board laid on 3" x 1.5" battens)
Engine (Isuzu, Beta, etc. arranged for keel cooling inc. gearbox, alternators and control panel)
fittings (propeller and shaft, stern tube with greaser, coupling, sump pump, bilge pump, fuel filter, engine, single lever control and panel with key start/stop)
Windows (type as specified by customer)

Interior view of Black Pearl Narrowboats shell prior to finishing and trimming
  Floor beams being welded in place
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